Hey there,

Long time not seen. I’ve been very busy with university-stuff. Getting my master’s degree and working on promotion probably as well. I also paint from time to time, but I have a rather high expectation of what looks good to myself. So here’s a latest wip of a Byzantine Kontaroi from Drabant Miniatures (it is sold by Old Glory, who are very forthcoming chaps!).

That’s all for now.

Really like the sculpt of this guy’s face. However I prefer true-scale to heroic scale which this guy clearly is, looking how his head is at max 5 times instead of 6,5 in his body. I also noticed the most important thing about miniature-sculpts, better said about face sculpts; what actually matters aren’t how well the eyes are sculpted, because you can still paint around that somehow, it’s the NOSE.

You heard right, whenever I paint faces I strive to create something realistic. I want people (or ai) to look at it and say: „He (almost) looks alive!“ Well by sculpting the nose well, a miniatur will have a high chance of not looking like out of a cartoon and on the opposite it will look strange if they do. This is the main-thing why a miniature sculpted with anime/manga-aesthetitcs in mind will never look like a real person, but like it’s 2d-counterpart.

I’ve done more stuff in the time I didn’t post of course, but it’s more work to post the other stuff and I’m not as smitten as with this guy’s face with them.

All the Best


P.S. As it stands right now I wanna ramble about how I think Perry Bros‘ casting quality is declining, even though I still love their minis.

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