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Considering the main pic, you might’ve guessed what I’m getting at if you’re a little bit annoyed by today’s culture as well: It’s the Ron Perlman meme. (In case you don’t know you might click >here<.) The thing with the sculpt of the face is simply that he looks excessively like the actor – look him up in your favorite search engine and check for a version where he’s sporting that full beard as well.

As the light situation was mediocre or to say the least shit – I haven’t done many pics, that I liked.

I haven’t done so much, but I (almost) finished a couple of – drum solo – LANDSKNECHTS (here’s the thing with the ‚kn‘-connection in ‚Landsknecht‘ – imagine the sharp ‚k‘ from the word ‚kitchen‘ and add the short ’ne‘ from ’neglect‘ and it will sound about right 😉 Yes, someday I’m gonna describe how you’re gonna do the ch-1 – If you wanna know how to pronounce the „Land(s)“ please refer to I think the second or third post of this blog).

Here is a pic with bad lighting of a Ex-Pro Gloria now Warlord Plastic Landsknecht:

you see he’s wip (not vip) because he’s missing a base and his Katzbalger (yes the short-sword/knife’s name stems from the word for ‚cat‘ and the word for ‚to romp around‘)

I also finished the Nordic-Chad to the same point of progress:

When time and light allows it, I’ll post a finished update of both.

Thank you very much


12 Kommentare zu „Quick update – yo lil Donnie

    1. Thank you TIM!
      The trousers itself are some kind of bloomers or pantaloons – „Pumphose or Pluderhose“ though that name fits more the late 16th century style of the no longer Maximilian but already Habsburg Landsknechts as well as the Elizabethanians – you know like Black Adder the Second
      The codpiece most of them having is called „Schamkapsel“ in German, it literally could be translated to „shame capsule“ in the shame as the body part
      I had commented on Josh where the type of clothing is called „zerhauen“. Now what is interesting: That Landsknechts were badly equipped is actually a misconception, stemming from stylized artistic depiction; meaning that they would used broken, cheap clothes and no armor. In fact those are depictions how the Landsknechts themselves wanted to be seen, as they were regarded very low from a social standing point as their trade was murder and murderes weren’t good Christians. For that they tried to evoke the appearance of being ‚in trend‘ by displaying modern colorful fashion sense. They might actually went around that way in the field camp and off duty as well on march, but in battle the least they had to wear was a helmet and a armor plate, but in actuallity they would also wear chainmail, tassests and pretty much as much armor as they could afford monetarily and in the vein of movement (rarely plate gauntlets, very rarely visored helmets, not often back-plate). Sorry I went on a tangent now. 😀

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    1. Thanks John! I had a fun time doing them. The blue and red-one is based on an actually painting. Though looking back I’ve learnt a lot with both of them. I didn’t actually know how to integrate the other color into the main color and it shows a bit on the blue-red guy as it looks not tidy enough. On the red-white (this one is based on a re-en-actor-pic from pinterest, that I’ll link for the finished ones) I understood how to make the transition work. I also do not know how their called in English, I think slashed sleeves and breeches might be the term, the German term was „zerhauen“ what refers to the sad state they later turned into their fashion choice („zerhauen“ basically means broken/slashed) there are many explanations for it, but I liked that one the most: they would take the clothes of their defeated enemies (mainly Swiss Reissläufer (term for Swiss mercenaries) as Landsknechts were all strictly „German“) and wear them over their own as a sign of dominance 😀

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    1. Thanks! I try my best to improve myself to aim for reality. haha Though it much depends on the sculpt and those Pro Gloria were actually really good for plastic, though unfortunately most of them are recognizable designs like the Ron Perlman and I think once reminds me of Elvis even, so that’s the strange kind of funny. 😀

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    1. Hey Steve, thank you very much!
      I’ll give you the short answer first: They are real.
      The long is a bit more difficult: How they are depicted they were kinda possible, but wouldn’t necessarily be historical accurate.

      Those are supposed to be Landsknecht (German Mercenaries) who fought battles in middle europe, Malta and partly South/Middle America as Conquistadors – though those weren’t real armies then, but more likely individuals recruited by the Spanish, so those were differnt (There are historical accounts of said individuals though).
      tl;dr Landsknechts armies fought from the late 15th century to the late 16th but the English Civil War is middle to late 17th century. So they wouldn’t work per sé.
      Yes there are some similiarities in armor, like the Burgonet-helmet and the plate armor + pikes, but that’s it.

      The Warlord Games 30yw or English Civil Plastic kits aren’t that great unfortunately. They are very very small and low detail, but their armored pikemen, the metal set is quite good on the other hand.

      Here are a few good company links I suggest:
      Perry of course (you could also go to Foundry, but they are more expensive) https://www.perry-miniatures.com/index.php?cPath=23_40_45
      Empress Miniatures, TIM can attest to the quality of them: https://www.empressminiatures.com/english-civil-war-3-c.asp
      Steve Barber has good and not so good designs, but those look great, but they are strictly speaking 30yw; meaning Imperials or Swedish but the ECW looked rather similar:
      The Assault Group, they vary greatly between ranges, some are bit taller some smaller but they all look pretty good and you can good regiment deals
      if you really want to go with Warlord Plastics though I suggest getting a sprue only or a reduced deal off ebay

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      1. You’re welcome.
        You tried their Resin in form of the Ex-Emperor Toad’s Emporium/Three Army Spanish Infantry I think, didn’t you? Were they this bad quality-wise? I know the metal-version of those mins still.

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