Another quick update.

I tried defining the red glow a little bit more. Looks more like a red lighning I think, but I’m good with it.

Having been influenced a little bit by TIMs quaint diorama (Apocalypse: “What the f**k was that?”) , I finally found the name for him. As you can see from the title, he’s now the VERMIN Slayer: His only goal is to eradicate each and every dirty little rat and that goes especially for the younglins as they can grow into full grown rats. He’s also not very fond of hamsters I think, but he doesn’t talk to me very often. He actually way too silent thinking about it and I can feel this malice.

Did someone say ratmen? They don’t exist you silly git! I originally thought about giving him the name of Ratling Slayer, but Ratlings are basically Hobbits and not so much a threat like those twisted little pelty things. I think, I’ll probably will be doing all the Goblin Slayer character-impressions at some point, might be a fun project.

I also started turning the Perry 100yw Knight into a Teutonic knight. Needs more definition. I’m basing it on an artwork which I will post when the cross looks more like it.

Talking about Perry, I painted on the basecoats on one of the standing metal men at arms, for whom I did the face a while ago. His face was a slight miscast, so I tried making him look like he had either gotten a blow against his skull or a like hair was obstructing his eye a bit.

That’s all for now, Thank you


P.S. if you mind me linking your blogpost TIM, I’ll remove it asap.

12 Kommentare zu „He is the Vermin-Slayer

  1. Haha, how can I not like the Vermin Slayer! 😊 No problem with the link Anthony, flattered that you made the connection. Figures looking great. Knight Templas are iconic and this one is looking very cool indeed. I have never done much in the way of Perry Mini’s, something I am clealry going to have to do something about.

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    1. That’s reassuring to hear. I really like that diorama, It really fits the theme of the source material well and has given me the idea to parody said material satisfyingly
      I also love their look, especially the one of the late medieval ones
      Perry have such great models, they are pretty economic in prices, have good center piece models, their plastics are highly customizable, their range is huge and still growing, but I’d advice caution on some sculpts, as especially the older ranges are designed with mass in mind, meaning some of the faces are better fitting for shading only (I’m still trying to give them good faces tough)
      I think I read you liked Old West, and they have a pretty good range for ACW, War of the Triple Alliance which I think would all fit the theme somewhat; they even made some really obscure conflicts like Mafeking 1900 or the British Intervention Force in Canada 😀

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    1. Thanks Pat! (Even though he’s far from original, but a parody nontheless.) I actually somewhat plan on incorporating him in some kind of diorama, only have a rough idea, but will make use of some rat-bits from GWs older Clanrat sprue, maybe put even a converted ratman into it (there are no such things like ratmen!). 😀

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    1. you may. it’s an exaggerated effect, symbolizing his intense intention, it comes from his eye and grows out, as I don’t feel ready to sculpt the effect as an actual lightning growing out of his eye-socket, I went with the simpler variant of it displaying on the helmet parts; its based on link-related idea here
      tl;dr. anime/manga/light novel-exaggaration-style of „it’s getting serious now“
      alternatively it could simply be seen as unholy magic oozing out from a reanimated armor

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