I can’t paint metal

I think its a Paul Hicks-sculpt for the by Warlord bought-up range of Pro Gloria Landsknechts. If someone knows if those were indeed Paul Hicks I'd be happy to have the knowledge (lol). All the while I'm still figuering out how to paint tmm which fits my expectations, here's one of a many few new … I can’t paint metal weiterlesen

A study in white

It's quite simple, I was as many others were: Unable to acchieve what I set out to acchieve. But no more! I had an epiphany and so I can now say confidently, I can paint warm white and it looks great! And because of that I want to let you know how to get such … A study in white weiterlesen

A real-life image of myself?!

No, of course not! The feature-image just got out so great, after I started playing around with the light-values in the windows-image-program, so I thought I post it as it were a foto. The rest aren't as great but this one almost looked like a real-life person. The rest of the images look clearly painted … A real-life image of myself?! weiterlesen

Christ ist erstanden!

"Christ ist erstanden von den TotenIm Tode bezwang er den Tod"- excerpt from the supposed anthem of the Teutonic orderQuick post, because I happened yet again to take an interesting picture by chance of wip.This is a 1212 Las Navas de Tolosa-knight by the incredibly talented man behind Reconquerer Desings (previously Reconquista). It is called … Christ ist erstanden! weiterlesen


え? ええええええええええ? 何これわ?! 足軽だよ。サシャニンぐ!!!Well it looks, like you've stumbled into a horror-movie and the most terrifying thing is that you don't understand anything! This is truly cosmic horror!So what has happened for this terrifying happening to have happened, when it was happening?! Simply: I have finished the knight and started something new. Like you could've …  ちょっと待って! weiterlesen