I'm sorry I really didn't do much, but the sculpt of this Ex-Pro Gloria (Plastic Warlord) Landsknecht just reminded me of the Nord-Chad. Clearly not my best, but one of the more funny ones didn't get too good pics of him as well, but so what At least he's a Landsknecht! Thank you Anthony

Wip Update: The „multi“-base

This is a quasi follow-up to the Grenadiers, yet it isn't really about them... but it is. I cannot get enough of mentioning how much I prefer single-bases for my miniature; it's just way easier to see the details of a singled out mini as opposed to one in a collum. This has of course … Wip Update: The „multi“-base weiterlesen

WIP update: 1866 Prussian Grenadiers

A. An introductionary tale about how someone gets excited about obscure miniatures Greetings! Today is... yet another Work in progress-update. (hooray!) In the last few posts I had always teased them, as they were never at the point where I had them almost done, but now, only the bases are missing, but those take a … WIP update: 1866 Prussian Grenadiers weiterlesen