New Camera

As my old smartphone was starting to desintegrate, I got myself a new one - begrudgingly. To my shock I noticed how bad the old photos were compared to the new-ones, spurning me on to increase my painting proficiency. In the end I tried to improve myself accordning to my better equipment. Here's a Prussian … New Camera weiterlesen

Just wip-pictures

Hello there, today I just post my wip Late Landsknecht from The Assault Group. The lighting isn't optimal but it suffices for a wip-pic. In bright daylight you'd be able to descern piercing blue eyes. Why though? I just wanted to prove to myself, that I can paint nice eyes without them looking like … Just wip-pictures weiterlesen

He, who shall not make me stop (but he did though)

Hello there! It's been a while since I've posted any update. This is a culmination of a few factors. That being me way too lazy, me having bought the newest Anno 1800 Dlc, me having to work on my master thesis and this guys face, I'm going to present you with. I've probably stripped paint … He, who shall not make me stop (but he did though) weiterlesen

Short Update it’s dark again

Hey there, the sun ain't shining right now and so, my phonecam isn't producing the best pictures in terms of sharpness. Therefore I just do some minor update. A few better pics of the "yo lil Donnie" Landsknecht, a wip face of another Pro Gloria one - I didn't paint him with blonde hair, but … Short Update it’s dark again weiterlesen

WIP update: 1866 Prussian Grenadiers

A. An introductionary tale about how someone gets excited about obscure miniatures Greetings! Today is... yet another Work in progress-update. (hooray!) In the last few posts I had always teased them, as they were never at the point where I had them almost done, but now, only the bases are missing, but those take a … WIP update: 1866 Prussian Grenadiers weiterlesen